About Our Ads

In order to deliver tailored advertisements to you on walmartphotocentre.ca, Walmart mobile applications and other third party websites and applications (on your computer, mobile device or tablet) (collectively, "Websites”), we and third party advertising companies may use cookies to collect information about your visits to our website and other websites.  The information we collect includes:

  • products or web pages you view on Websites
  • products you purchase on walmartphotocentre.ca
  • ads you click on Websites

We and third-party advertising companies use this information to place you in general interest categories, which helps us determine what types of advertisements may be of interest to you.

Benefits of Interest-Based Advertising

  • Ads are tailored to your inferred interests
  • You won’t see the same ads over and over again because we limit the number of similar ads you see

How to Learn More and Opt-Out of Interest-Based Advertising

Walmart adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s (DAAC) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising.

To learn more or to opt-out of online interest-based advertising by a list of companies participating in the DAAC, visit http://youradchoices.ca/choices

Additional Information:

  • Please note that if you opt out of receiving interest-based ads, you will continue to receive advertising, but it will not be based on online behavioural information about you.
  • To successfully opt out, you must have cookies enabled in your web browser (see your browser’s instructions for information on cookies and how to enable them).
  • Your opt-out applies to the web browser you use. You must opt-out of each web browser on each computer, mobile device and tablet you use.  
  • Once you opt-out, if you delete your browser’s saved cookies, you will need to opt-out again.